Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels rejuvenate your skin without the inflammation. Powerful actives work to remodel the skin, increase circulation, and stimulate cellular turn over.  This peel is formulated with ingredients to promote the healing process of your skin. This results in less irritation and inflammation. Collagen production will increase, skin will tighten and hyperpigmentation will lighten. This treatment can be paired with a facial or microdermabrasion.

Dermaplane + Facial

Dermaplane + Mask 

Using a safe medical grade scalpel we exfoliate off the top layer of the skin along with undesirable fine facial hair. This treatment is a wonderful addition to any service. Products penetrate more effectively and you will leave with a glow people will recognize. 

Lash Tinting

Brow Tinting 

Facial Waxing 

Eyebrow Wax 

Lip Wax 


Sides of Face 

Customized Facials

The skin is an amazing system that is unique to every individual and you deserve a facial that focuses on what you really need. All facials are customized to your skin.

Our skin care ingredients target aging skin, rosacea, dry/dehydrated skin, acneic skin, hyperpigmentation, and congestion. You will look more youthful, feel smoother, and have the confidence boost you need to enter the world more vibrant!


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliation that uses no chemicals or harsh ingredients. By exfoliating off the top layer of dead skin cells we promote cellular turnover, stimulate healthy circulation, and bring to the surface smoother, brighter skin. This treatment is followed with a custom facial.

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