How to use my favorite product Catalyst AC-11 AND can we reverse DNA damage?

First, we have to understand how DNA damage and aging come to be.

1. Probably the most obvious: Excess UV exposure.

The keyword here is excess. These days we have been conditioned to be very scared of the sun and avoid it at all costs. I would like to encourage you to use sun exposure in moderation. Sun is an amazing and necessary force in our lives. It supplies us with vitamin D which is crucial for hormone synthesis, and in turn collagen and elastin support.

Fun fact: Vitamin D is synthesized through our eyes, so take your sunglasses off at least once throughout the day.

2. Toxin exposure

Unclean products contain toxic ingredients and “fillers” which are used to make the product cheaper and more affordable to the consumer. Topical exposure from “dirty” products have a great effect on the skin. If we put something on the skin that is “un-natural” our skin receives it as a pathogen and essentially fights the foreign ingredient. This causes an inflammatory response, which leads to free radicals and aging.

Internal exposure to heavy metals play a large role in our lives. GMO foods and unfiltered water contain heavy metals. Heavy metals enter the body and disrupt our cellular health, particularly our gut lining.

Unhappy cells = unhappy DNA.

3. Loss of growth factors: As we age our skin loses the ability to repair damage as efficiently and regularly.

4. Malnourishment: As we age our skins’ network of blood vessels begins to decline. With this decline comes a shortage of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that those lovely blood vessels delivered throughout our dermis.

Now that we are all depressed, let’s talk about what we can do to REVERSE aging!

DNA repair can absolutely be activated!

Epigenetics can be improved with supplementation, diet, lifestyle, and emotional changes!

We can feed our skin just like our bodies!

How do we do this?

Let’s talk about my all time favorite product for DNA repair:

Osmosis’ Catalyst AC-11

AC-11 is a very potent serum that contains a miracle ingredient, cats claw extract, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and aloe.

Cats claw helps directly repair DNA damage while decreasing inflammation in the skin.

AC-11 assists in the production of protein and antioxidants within the cells, which we now know slows down significantly as we age.

It contains copper and zinc amino acids which improve wound healing and lighten hyperpigmentation. And finally AC-11 stimulates collagen and elastin product.

How to use this product: Honestly it can be tricky at first. AC-11 comes out dark orange! Like too long in a tanning booth....dark!

Anyone struggle with this product?

Please let me help you so we don’t have anyone coming out of the bathroom, looking like you know who, scaring the heck out of your spouse.

The secret is infuse, an amazing nutrient activating mist that helps with the absorption of all Osmosis serums.

Use half a pump of AC-11 on freshly clean skin. Massage into the skin until you lose glide. Spray your skin with clear and massage in again. Repeat until AC-11 is fully penetrated.

* Catalyst may cause the pores to appear larger for the first two weeks while skin is detoxifying.

Clinic studies show a 110% increase in elasticity of the skin after 8 weeks. Broken capillaries reduced by 64% and skin radiance improved by 32%.

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